About Us

We are a team of groomers, former groomers, medical professionals and quality sharpeners who realized that the best ergonomic shears on the market today could still be better. In an effort to make a better pair of shears, we developed a few rules to live by.

Rule #1: 

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. They have different hand sizes, different needs, different injuries. It is silly to think that one scissor is going to be comfortable for everyone.

Rule #2: 

THE HIGH FIVE RULE. Hold up your hand and notice the way your thumb works. This is the way your hand is designed to work. Forcing it into any other position is not doing you any good. 

Rule #3: 

SCISSORS HAVE TO BE AFFORDABLE. The best shear can’t be good for you if you can only afford one pair. Ours are affordable. Drop one pair, pick up another – exactly the same and just as good for your hands.

Rule #4: 

DO GOOD. We are all animal lovers. We guarantee that a portion of the profit from every pair sold will be donated to animal rescue organizations across the country.

We would like people to know Chris Anthony, our sales person at shows.  Huge fan and huge contributor to our success.