"I just wanted to thank you. I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to be able to groom much longer due to the problems with my hands, including hand fatigue. After I was done for the day I spent the night in pain. I love what I do very much and wasn't ready to throw in the towel. I bought 3 pairs of the ruff cut shears. I has changed the game! I no longer have the hand fatigue and I am back to grooming full swing! There are no words to explain how grateful I am. I now have 6 pairs and plan on continuing to add more. My groom team hates when I have to send them in now because I guess I am a little cranky. Thank you for making shears that really work, best investment I ever made."
- Mindy D.

"Best shears ever. Can't get through the day without them!"
- Nykole M.

"Loved seeing Y'all today! Thanks for the upgrade. Love, love, love the E3s."
- Stephanie J.

"Thank you for your shears! I love mine. And I never get hand fatique, no matter how much scissoring I do. Your customer service is wonderful, and you have always been great to deal with!! Very much appreciated."
- Sarah S.

"Your double swivel shears are literally pure genius. I bought a pair of chunkers and a pair of straight 8" shears this weekend at the NEPGP Fall Fest. I cannot say enough about the smoothness of the cut, the comfort of the shears and chunkers, and most amazingly how after a full and busy day today I have no wrist pain at all, none, zero, zip, nada. I am never buying another pair of shears from any other company as long as I live. Your products are amazingly ingenious and I love them so much I can't even describe it!"
- Anjie C.

"Bought three pairs at Groom Expo. 8" straight, curved and chunkers. My hand and wrist feel amazing. I have trouble with ganglion cysts and tendinitis and these shears have practically made these troublesome problems disappear. Very happy with this investment! Also the girls were very helpful and so sweet. I will never use another shear again. Thank you!"
- Beth A.

"These shears are one of the best investments I made in my business in a long time. Got three pairs at Hersey groom expo. LOVE them. "
- Meredith M.

"Thanks for letting me test them and I used them today... love em!"
- Lisa N.

Best shears ever! You have saved my career in the future, I'm sure! My thumbs are placed in a better position, my carpal tunnel is kept nice and open, I can scissor the left foot more easily. This is just the best thing ever. I hope to buy a 9 inch and perhaps a 8 inch curve later. Thank you so much.
- Your greenhorn groomer, Brianna :)

"These shears are amazing. I am absolutely loving them! Have taken it slow getting used to them but that's pretty easy! I have had to "back off" a bit and consciously put less effort into scissoring, if that makes sense?! There is a lot less jerky scissoring movements as I learn that the scissors will do the work for me. I am also very pleased with how well the blades actually CUT hair!"
- Nancy P. 

"I hate that when I try to use any other shears my hand hurts after one day! I can't live without my Evolution Shears!"
- Dawn R.

"Been back to work for about 3 weeks now. Been using the Evolution Shears and just love them. Can't wait to get another set. Thanks for introducing them to me at the Denver Groomfest in June."
- Linda S.

"Thanks for explaining these shears and letting me try them out...glad my husband got me a pair!"
- Lisa N.

"So excited got my first pair of chunkers this weekend while visiting the Evolution booth. Can't wait to work tomorrow!!!! The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them!!!
- Kimberly C.

"These shears are amazing! I bought two pairs at Colorado Groomfest & have slowly been trying them on my "best" dogs over the last few weeks. I purchased a pair of 8 inch straight & a pair of 8 inch thinners, they are both super smooth & comfortable, they glide through hair & take no effort to open and close! I am scissoring dogs with less effort & better results then EVER before, and I am NOT new at this! (LOL) Wonderful people, wonderful shears!"
- Nancy P.

"Me encanto verlos Ayer en el show...Excelente producto, yo no cambio mis Tijeras por nado!"
- Claudia L.