Use and Maintenance

Use and Care

We at Evolution® Shears have been groomers and we know where you are coming from. We consider ourselves partners with you in your career. You work really hard for your money, and scissors are an investment. We don’t want you to have to replace your shears prematurely. With proper care your Evolution® Shears should last for many years.


To unlock the swivel for removal from the shears:

  1. Hold the brass washer still with needle nose pliers.
  2. While holding the brass washer still, loosen the swivel (turn to the left) until the swivel unlocks and can be removed from the screw.

To lock the swivel on to the shears:

  1. Screw the swivel on to the screw just up to the brass washer.  The assembly should be just tight enough so that there is no wiggle, but not so tight that the black rubber washer is compressed.
  2. Hold the brass washer still with needle nose pliers.
  3. While holding the brass washer still, tighten the swivel (turn to the right) until the swivel stops turning and locks tight against the brass washer.

Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Shears

We have manufactured our shears with blades of Japanese 440C surgical stainless steel. Because of its high Rockwell Hardness rating of 59-61, they should “take a licking and keep on ticking”. You can help by keeping the following in mind:

1. Sharpen your scissors as infrequently as possible:

  • Clean blades frequently. Hair and “crud” on the blades can cause hair to bend rather than cut. Clean with soap and water and dry thoroughly.
  • Keep blades dry.
  • Apply a thin coat of oil to prevent corrosion.
  • Test tension every day. When tension is too loose you will need to “grind” the blades together to make them cut, dulling them faster and hurting your hand.
  • Store scissors in the case.
  • Make sure that blades are closed when placing them on the table.

2. If your shears drop and they become nicked, put them down and pick up a different pair. The nick will become “deeper” if you continue to open and close the scissor.

3. Always use a qualified professional sharpener. We won’t tell you that you must use a certain sharpener, or send your shears to us. That can be very inconvenient. But please keep the following points in mind:

  • When a sharpener walks in ALWAYS ask him what kind of machine he uses. If he doesn’t say “flat hone”, DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR SHEARS. A sharpener uses a grinder – a professional sharpener uses a flat hone machine. A grinder will ruin your edge and take years of life from your shears with every sharpening. A flat hone will maintain your edge, and the amount of metal removed with every sharpening is the thickness of a hair. If you send us your shears under your warranty, and they have been sharpened on a grinder, your warranty will not be honored.